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About Alicia Freeman, LCMHC:

I identify as a Native American, woman, and ally. I think it is important to share personal identities as they have shaped my life experiences, social justice, and advocacy. The foundation of my therapeutic practice is rooted in humanistic approaches that center the client. I will provide empathetic understanding in a nonjudgmental space throughout our therapeutic relationship. It is important to me that the clients feel comfortable enough to share, but stretched enough to grow. Life's obstacles show up in different ways, and talk therapy can help you to organize the pieces and put them back together. I tend to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and/or Motivational Interviewing often, but select the best evidenced-based modalities to fit your needs as an individual based on your goals. My experience includes adolescents and adults and ranges from anxiety, depression, substance use, addictive behaviors, relationship issues, trauma, and much more. If you are seeking positive change, and want to increase personal agency over your life, please reach out to me for a consultation. I'd love to meet with you. 

Direct Contact Information
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